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Being stranded in Palm Bay is nothing but scary unless...
Thank you Palm Bay for supporting quality service businesses. In particular, thank you to the owners of Quality Automotive on Babcock Street south of Malabar, Ken, Karen, and their service people.
I am a female senior citizen who travels the country via motor home volunteering in State Parks. This fall, while working at St. Sebastian River Preserve, the vehicle that I tow and use for transportation, broke down. I was scared and upset. I knew no mechanic, so just going by intuition and liking the looks of this business, ended up at Quality Automotive.
The bottom line is that they diagnosed and repaired my vehicle, but, more important than that, they showed their concern for me as a person in need of reassurance and safety. Karen quietly calmed me and made me feel I was very important to them. The mechanic, John, was very thorough and knowledgeable. Ken, the owner, contacted my mechanic in Michigan to discuss my car's problem so there wouldn't be a duplication of tests and repairs, and then thoroughly explained to me the time line, what was being done and why.
My fear of being stranded, the expense of repair, and the obligation I was putting people under were lessened by their professional, caring and courteous treatment of a total stranger. They are an asset to your city and obviously a leading business in your community. I thank you for that quality and every city should boast this kind of business.
            Jo Longendyke

    Thank you so much for caring for my vehicles over the years, its great to have someone I can trust!  - James P.

Quality Auto is the only place I would bring my car - they are honest, and they fix it right the first time!  - Ann M.